School Policies

Step By Step Learning Centers provides quality child care to all families without discrimination. We feel open communication between, staff, parents, and children is critical to providing quality child care. The following policies exist for the safety and well being of children and parents. Please feel free to discuss any concerns and questions with us.

Withdrawal Policy

  • Two weeks written notice is required when withdrawing a child for any reason. If the proper notice is given any unused tuition will be refunded within 30 days of the withdrawal. If the required notice is not given, parents will be charged tuition for the two additional weeks. The parents and child, following their last day of enrollment, are not permitted to re-enter the school without prior permission from the administrator.

Attendance Schedule

  • Parents who wish to change their child’s days or times of enrollment must submit a request to do so a week in advance of the proposed change. This also pertains to temporarily adding days. Changes in children’s attendance schedules require staff scheduled to change in order to ensure safe ratios within the classroom


  • Our program is designed for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. This includes Kindergarten Care, Before and After School Care and Summer Camp. Step By Step Learning Centers accept applications on a “first come, first served” basis and does not discriminate on the basis of health, race, nationality, or religion. We offer full-time care as well as flexible part-time schedules, on a space available basis.
  • A non-refundable registration fee is due upon enrollment. This ensures your child’s spot for the times needed. AN activity fee is also due upon enrollment and every year thereafter for children two and up. Children must have on file an updated immunization record, health appraisal and all registration materials by their first day of enrollment.

Drop-Off Procedures

  • Please park your car and bring your child inside. The parent or adult dropping off must then sign the child in on the sign-in sheet located at the entrance. Children are to be escorted by their parent or adult dropping them off to their designated classroom.

Pick-Up Procedures

  • Parents or authorized adults are required to sigh their child out of care on the sign-out sheet, located at the entrance. Once a parent signs their child out the parent or authorized adult is solely responsible for supervising their child while on the premises of Step By Step Learning Centers. The parent may not allow the child to wander through the hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, or the playground. Parents are required to handle all business issues prior to signing out their child are to exit the building once they have signed their child out of care. The classroom teacher will be able to briefly speak to a parent at pick-up, but if an in-depth discussion is needed, the teacher can call the parent during a rest time or later in the day. Please note that the teacher is responsible for supervising the remaining children in the classroom. However, if a parent wishes to schedule a meeting, it can be arranged for the following day.
  • It is required to always alert the school administrator of any intent to have someone other than the parent or guardian pick up a child. The school will not release any child to an individual who can not identify themselves as the person identified in the child’s file. For the well being of our children, we will not bend the rules
Than You for choosing Step By Step as your Learning Center provider!