We at Step by Step Learning Center believe that:

  • The parent’s role in the development of the child entrusted to us must be supported and reinforced through our program.
  • There are certain basic values such as Honesty, Integrity, Caring, Concern, and Self-Esteem which must become part of our children if they are to function as responsible citizens of our society.
  • Children will be encouraged to express their feelings and ideas to grow in self-confidence and independence.
  • Knowledge of each child’s background, needs, and interests will enable us to work more effectively with the child; the parent’s input in this and all aspects of our program is very important.
  • Our program will provide meaningful, personalized experiences, which will enhance the spiritual, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth development of the young child
  • Everyday activities and routines have been designed to encourage the children learn self-help and independence.
  • We are in the unique position of reaching the minds of our young. It is our desire and responsibility to cultivate and nourish those minds to their ultimate potential, as well as create a caring environment in which to learn.
  • We believe very strongly that education is the cornerstone of society being able to flourish. We strive to make learning a pleasant and enjoyable experience for our children.



In accordance with Step By Step Philosophy, We endeavor to help each child reach the following goals:

  • Make a successful transition from the home
  • Develop security and a feeling of success
  • Develop a sense of self-worth
  • Learn to work and play with other children in a group situation
  • Develop enthusiasm and joy in learning
  • Foster creativity and self-expression
  • Work toward internalizing control
  • Develop responsibility
  • Help children to understand their feelings and emotions and to learn to express them appropriately


Because we value the input of the parents, we endeavor to help them work toward the following goals:

  • Strengthening of their relationship with their children
  • Improving the patterns of home life to provide for a healthy atmosphere for their child
  • to work as partners with Step By Step as we work for the good of the child



The Design of our Operation


  • State Licensed by the Department of Public Welfare to provide care for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years
  • Stimulating programs designed for all ages
  • Programs geared to develop intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth



  • Carefully selected professionals in early childhood development and preschool education
  • Thoughtful, competent, and affectionate
  • Careful interviews and selection process
Than You for choosing Step By Step as your Learning Center provider!